Life in the UK is Awesome

There are some definite advantages to living in England.

(Obviously, we have free health care. Including dental. This rocks y’all. Sort yourselves out.)

The weather is fine. Always. Most places in the U.S. have weather that can kill you. This is not the case here. It doesn’t even rain. I know, I know but hear me out. The air gets wet sometimes, and occationally water falls gently from the skies, but it never RAINS. There are no tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, earthquakes…nothing. There is no weather here. It is always just fine. It doesn’t even got hot. I don’t have air conditioning. No one does. I fucking love this lack of weather. I’m from Michigan, which means that it is either boiling or freezing or bug season, or a tornado is ripping up your lawn. Here? I don’t even own an umbrella.

There is no candy in the check out aisles. THIS IS SO BRILLIANT. There is nothing there at all. Just a line, and then a slow moving Brit to scan your groceries. This is a huge bonus. I used to make my brood repeat the mantra “nothing in the check-out aisle, nothing in the check-out aisle, we buy nothing in the check-out aisle” until we got out of the store. This means that I am totally unprepared for shopping when we visit the States. Write to your congress-person because this is something to unite every parent on the planet.

We have the BBC. I cannot stress how awesome this is. If you are British and you complain about paying the license fee, I hate you with extra pain. The “news” in the U.S. is making everyone hate everyone else and not even giving out news. That sucks. Y’all don’t get the kind of quality world view that we do. I know what is going on in every country, all day, everyday. I read news form the left and the right and then I go and see what the BBC has to say and then I feel all better. I wish I could give this gift to you, America.

So there you have it.

No weather + No Candy + Sanity-In-The-Media = RockingAwesome


15 thoughts on “Life in the UK is Awesome

  1. Oh, you have so hit the nail on the head in so very many ways.

    I love the BBC. They do this shocking thing, it’s called objectivity, the supposed main tenet of journalism. Our news channels are more about the hate mongering. It’s called REPORTING the news. Might want to take a lesson from you chaps.

    And no candy in the aisle? That is brilliant. I don’t have to worry about my kids since they’re all 20 something to teenage girls who now watch what they eat, but me? European chocolate is my crack.

  2. I think the BBC is the best news on the planet. I was last in London in the month of February and it was a bit too much cold. Still, coming from Northern California, I’m pretty spoiled with weather. I’m so glad you and yours are enjoying the experience of being “Brits” for a while!

    • It is a bit colder in London. I miss Northern California. I sometimes use California as an equivalent to our weather. And our houses. And our tolerance.

  3. Can you please convince my husband to move to the UK because all of that sounds absolutely brilliant. How’s the food though??

    • The food is wonderful! It is really good. Different from the States, but better in some ways. You may have to learn to eat more kinds of animals than you are used to, but the variety of meat and cheese is staggering. Come join us!

      • Ha, I’d love to. But seeing as how I’m struggling to convince my husband to move to California because the weather is better, I doubt I can convince him to go abroad. He’s such a homebody!

      • What does he want out of life? Chances are we have it better here. Unless he drives a hummer. Petrol (gas) prices are outrageous here.

    • I miss the Weekly World News! But The Daily Mail is almost as much fun. Just without Bat Boy. We have Kit Cat Dark, do you?

      • Hmmm, I will have to check for that, right after I decide which tabloid has a better story about Kim Kardashain’s new lover.

  4. I am in the US. We don’t care about the World News the BBC has to offer, because the US is only interested in the US. I love my country but this is the fact, Jack.

    • I know. I do. But I cannot help but wonder what you guys could accomplish if you weren’t so busy hating each other, and got to see what goes on in the rest of the world.

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