Stemming the bleeding (not Rasputin, just not Ice Cube)

When I first moved to the UK, was so steeped in US culture that I could not comprehend anything about life here.

One of the things that shocked me was how the youths here try to be ganstas’. You guys, there is nothing funnier to me than hearing young people with a British accent try to be fucking Ice Cube. No, just no.

You are from Devon. You are not packing, You are not holding. You can wear 3 hoodies and not scare me. You are a 14-year-old weakling. My 7-year-old could kick your ass. The nice nine-year old, yeah her too. Your staffie might frighten me, but you don’t. But you do crack me up. (I hope that I don’t regret this laughter y’all..pray for me)

Oh and there was much blood today. Thank the gods that I am an Old Mum and that I know that a head wound bleeds. Thank you England for NHS Direct, that I can call and talk to A Nurse-Person whenever I want to. For Free.

You see, I am a horrible mother. I make my kids clean up after themselves and clean their rooms. I suck. I know.

Little Stormbringer was sent up to do 15 minutes on her room. The horror. Except that it turned out to be just that. A huge picture frame fell off of her wardrobe (closet in the U.S?) and hit her on the head.

She came down crying. Now, my kids do this whenever I make them tidy anything. I didn’t think anything of it. Until the blood ran off of her hair and onto her hands and puddled on the carpet. I went into calm mother mode. “Ok Bunny, lets just go into the kitchen ok?”

Isn’t it amazing how calm you get? This must be what soldiers go through in combat. You just reach the zone and do what needs to be done.

Lucky for us, no stitching was needed. What is it like for you? Do you get like this when your kids are really hurt for real? Are you disdainful of youths that try to be scary?

I am going to hug my little girls and teach them not to be afraid of fake-gansta’s and teach them to be not-sucky teens.

It’s easy: Don’t break glass in parks. Don’t  litter. Don’t talk back to your elders. NEVER lie to the police. (and for the sake of all that is holy, do not have any babies)

Is there a whole lot more to teach them before they reach double digits? I hope not. This is all I have for now.

Peace out homes.


5 thoughts on “Stemming the bleeding (not Rasputin, just not Ice Cube)

  1. I too have to laugh at the wanna be thugs, So much of it is simply fashion. The pants hung down around the tops of their thighs, etc. Not the best look for anybody.Still, it’s a phase and mostly harmless.

    I admire your composure under pressure. Bloody kids make me think I’m going to faint. I try very hard to not panic, but when blood is pouring out of them, I usually scream for someone else to help me. Fortunately, my kids (now 41 and 44) lived through the trauma of having me as a mum mostly unscathed.

    My daughter did have her first baby at age 21, but then I did too, so I really can’t say that much about it. The difference is that I was married at 19, and she was married at 22. Hah!

  2. Wanna be thugs at any age or in any culture are funny to me.
    Oh thank the gods. I am sure we will all make it then! How did you manage? Share the wisdom mama!
    21 is fine. I just would like them to…oh i dont know…not have a baby by accident? This has been drilled into me form the day that I was old enough to breed.
    Looking forward to being a grandparent though! That is going to be masses of fun!

    • My daughter’s baby was not by accident. She just wanted to wait till after the baby came to get married. It’s a different world, Starle. (Or is it? Maybe it just wasn’t talked about before!) I began talking to my daughter when she was about 14 telling her about Planned Parenthood and protecting herself when the time came. She said “Ewww” and that’s fine, but ignorance is not bliss and kids need information on contraceptives and STDs. Don’t be shy about telling them what they need to know to make smart choices.

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