Happy Egg Day! (in witch i say chocolate vagina)

you guys, I think I have had the best Easter ever!

Sharp Kitty Doom Kitty  has been eating my chocolate.

But that isn’t the best part, no.

It wasn’t being startled awake by Stormbringer at 7AM. It wasnt seeing them open their egg-day eggs. It wasnt the fact that I don’t get to have to color eggs in the UK.

No the best part was the chocolate vagina. I got a chocolate vagina for Easter. (discuss)

The wonderful Manboy got us all the requisite egg-day-eggs. Except mine melted. I was so totally fine with this. I thought it was hilarious. Until I opened the box of chocolates at the bottom.

And then…the choclate vagina.

I thought it looked like  ‘womankindreproductiveorgans’ and I was all AAAAAAAAAAAAAA look it’s a womb!


it is a chocolate vagina

Edit to add: Manboy wishes you an happy Jebus Jombie Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Egg Day! (in witch i say chocolate vagina)

  1. I LOVE that there is no egg coloring required here! We just paid 3 euros/kid and put them in the local egg hunt, in which they received a list of (plastic) eggs to find and then turned them in at the end for valuable chocolate. No muss no fuss.

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