I give up England, you win! Uncle! Uncle!

I wrote this post a while back and included a paragraph about the total lack of weather here. This was a huge mistake.

I should know this by now. It only snows once every thirty years or so in the South West, but because I kept saying that, there has been more snow here than in the 50 years previous. I reversed that trend this year, and it did not snow.

Yep, I really do control the weather in the UK. I guess this is my superpower. Sorry England!

This is great until I get all asshole about it and start laughing at the UK’s lack of weather. Then the gods punish me and everyone else who has the misfortune to live here. It has gotten so bad that the other mums on the school run automatically blame me when weather happens. I was met today TWICE with the greeting: “this is your fault, isn’t it”. Scowling abounds.

So, since that post we have much weather. It hailed. Frogs fell from the sky. We are having a week of steady rainstorms.

I have been asked (not too politely) to please recant. OK OK There Is Weather Here!! Dammit.


3 thoughts on “I give up England, you win! Uncle! Uncle!

  1. I hate it when fucking frogs start falling out of the sky. Toads are bad enough. We get birds falling out of the sky here. No snow though. It sounds to me like you indeed have weather. And frog legs when done right are delish! See, I’m a glass half full kind of girl!

  2. I hate fucking frogs of all kinds. Did you know that they scream when cats bite them. So gross. Where do you live that eating frogs is cool? I am next door to Europe and NO WAY. Manboy is trying to get me to eat kippers. Apparently they are not awful. I will keep you posted.

  3. It has been like this in southwest France too. I am going out of my fucking mind. Standing at the changing table yesterday and looking out the window, the rain was actually “falling” SIDEWAYS. Aaaand then it started to hail. Get me to a city soon!!!!

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