Life in the UK is not always Awesome

Ice cubes are delicious

When was the last time that you went a week without using a single ice-cube? I have been here for so long that I cannot honestly remember. Please let me know.

I am pretty sure that I remember using them all the time. Possibly even daily.  Store bought 2 liter? Ice-cubes. Water after housework? Ice-cubes. Soup too hot for kid? Ice-cube. Offer anyone a drink? Ice-cubes for sure.

There is something magical about slowly pouring a freshly opened soda onto ice cubes in the summer. You simply cannot have iced tea without them. Then there are ice packs, filling coolers, rubbing on a burn, or heck, your forehead and boobs in August. Ice-cubes are such  lovely fantastic things.

Except we do not have any. Ice-cubes here are a luxury. Usually reserved for gin and tonic or maybe Pimms. (I adore Pimms.) And then only store-bought ice-cubes are used.

I think that there are two reasons for this. Everyone drinks everything warm here. I am used to it and I don’t really mind any more. Warm beer? Yeah, that’s fine. The second reason ties into this. You can no more put a case of beer or soda in your Euro-fridge than you can make room for ice cubes in your Euro-freezer.

I found an actual ice-cube tray in a pound shop once. It made a dozen teeny-tiny ice-cubes. I was THRILLED. I brought it home and made ice! Then I cracked all 12 tiny cubes into a glass of cold water. Then I had 4 sips, and the ice was all gone and I cried.

The very first purchase I make after collecting my lottery winnings will be an American fridge freezer. I mean that with every yearning fiber of my being y’all. Here is the best example of why American appliances will beat the euro-crap that we have here. I could not have said it better. Not without swearing.



6 thoughts on “Life in the UK is not always Awesome

  1. Now, I am a true American weirdo. My drink of choice is hot tap water. That’s not to say I don’t love my G & T with ice, but for everyday hydration, just give me the hot tap water. Ice isn’t really used that much in Europe. It’s over used in America. In restaurants they look at me funny if I don’t want ice water and ask for hot tap water. Yeah, they do! I think I was born to be a British Doxie! Go figure!

  2. You must have been born to live here! Do you even take lemon in the hot water?
    I get looked at funny in restaurants here when I say…please just fill up the whole glass with ice then drizzle water on it. really. It’s ok.

  3. I’m not an ice cube type of guy. I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t think of anything else I’d put cubes in. I guess I use them once a week or so when I go out to Lunch

  4. I hate ice cubes in my drinks. My can of cola is cold enough when I get it from the freedge, it sure does not need ice in it! 🙂

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