The ‘Special Relationship’ explained (no sub-titles required)

So I have been asked recently to explain the weird thing that British people do, when they put down Americans. I think I can help make some sense of this.

All of the stereotypes! “yea! WOO! nice monocle dude! ” (sigh)

Your average american on the street loves ‘The English’ with extra loves. They cannot understand why this is not enthusiastically reciprocated. Allow me to shed some light on this.

America, to the Brits, is like a 13-year-old daughter. Annoying, pompous, silly, and so totally convinced that they are cooler than everyone. (yes, i know we are, but still…) I am not sure if Americans are aware of this but let me tell you a little secret…they think that…they blame us for…they feel that it is America’s  FAULT that they no longer have an empire.

Yes, you may say, but we DID win those 2 wars for them! Uh, yeah we did, but they seem to take offense at this, and we DID kinda make them give up the odd country or so…and pay us for the privilege of saving their dumb asses from Germany TWICE, but…DO NOT SAY ANY OF THE ABOVE TO ANYONE IN THE UK EVER.

Manboy would like to point out that he agrees with Al Murray, Britain is the undefeated WW champions, because if you are not in it from the start, you’re not in it at all. (what-ever)

Also, America likes to make fun of the ‘English’ whenever possible as well. No, we do. Let me give you an example from the ever-loving-hell that is the Disney Channel. Said about the one Brit kid in the ‘american-high-school-laugh-track-show’ : “Cricket? wicket? let’s tell him where to stick it!” Um…..

Also, isn’t it just great to have every villain ever be British? Yeah, we do that too.

So it isn’t fair to think that the Brits are all hating on the US. Americans do it right back. I think that it is best to think of the two countries like siblings. The UK is the sensible older brother, the US is the annoying little sister. We love each other, but we show it by punching and tickling and the-pulling-of-the-pigtails.

THAT is our special relationship.


4 thoughts on “The ‘Special Relationship’ explained (no sub-titles required)

  1. It’s funny you mention this. People were “nicer” to us in Paris than they were in London. Seemed strange to me. But I think you hit the nail on the head with this one! LOL! Carry on!

  2. Oh stop harrumphing at us and lighten up. Americans love your country, the beauty, the historical aspects, the talented artists from all walks of life. We have been glued to the TV for the Jubilee. Totally in love with the Royals. If you want to sell anything here just put a picture of Kate on it. We call her Princess Kate. We know that this is not her title, but that is what she is to every little girl in the US. So go get some screens on your windows and some smiles on your faces.


    Well, provided you say this in a spirit of ironic joshing, you’ll find that Brits enjoy the humor, because as a nation they appreciate p1ss-taking and ‘rough love’ more than their trans-Atlantic cousins, whose feelings seem easily hurt.

    But beware of the very few who may take you more seriously than you thought they would, because:
    1) it was actually the other way round
    2) it exhibits arrogance and ignorance
    3) it is untrue, as would be obvious to anyone who had troubled to do the tiniest research
    4) it gives another reason for Americans to be reviled and mocked. In the world the USA is not the numero uno in the popularity stakes, so it is unwise for it to foster yet more stupidities.

    With warm regards,

  4. “Americans love your country”

    What makes you think it is my country?

    Always yours,

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