My ‘experience’ with a posh Brit. (subtitled; Giraffe and pots and pans. sigh.)

So the other day I wanted to open a bank account. In England. With my own money. But I ran up against a super posh banker. I love the posh Brits. They have names like ‘Charles Winston-On-Sea’ and William Baker-Marlborough the Third’ and such like.


. The best thing about super-posh Brits it that you can never rattle them. No matter what you do or say, they will keep their composure.   And I mean that. 

So I went to the bank and I was advised to bring some sort of utility bill. Now, since i never pay my bills and I just throw them out when the come because I have No Money, I only had one recent utility bill. It was a gas bill for something like 500 pounds. I had written on it. I wrote; ‘ bill is 500 pounds, have cut off gas, must pay by key. Forever’ or something like that.

I asked Manboy; ‘can I bring this bill? I haz written stuffz on it?’ He said it was fine. What I did not do was look at the other side. The other side that I had doodled on while being on hold. Yeah.

So William Winston Percy-Franklin III has my paperwork . He looks at my *not noticed* doodle and says:

“I can’t help but notice that you seem to have drawn a giraffe. ”

” cant help but notice”…BWAHAHAhahaha. I am unable to deal. I am on the floor, sir. I am unable to have any kind of seat. Manboy tries to touch my shoulder in a misguided attempt to restrain me. This is a mistake.


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