What’s more real, the tooth fairy or any of our other constructs? (one of my Will Offend Everyone posts)

My youngest, the White Rose, is into faeries. She is really into tooth faeries. She has a special, personal tooth fairy; Bridgette  The farie/fairy writes her letters and leaves gifts for her and she so needs to believe that there is something out there looking after her. I think this is totally fine.

My oldest is a Christian because her grandmother is, her school is Church of England and because I don’t mind, and find ancient religious studies interesting. Also, she finds her belief comforting. I am so happy about this.

My attitude is: Believe in something. I don’t mind. Find spiritual comfort. It is all the same in the end. Let’s just get on and share the similarities of our belief and be happy!

BUT I did something utterly horrible or totally awesome to my kids to do with these beliefs. .

If you only have one child, please have a think before you judge. Unless you had siblings  and then go for it!

My oldest, said to the youngest: “your faries are stupid and not real!  God! You are such a massive Dork! Phhhht!”

I usually let this stuff go. They can handle themselves. But this time I snapped “OH? Oh your x-ian god up in ‘heaven’ who made a zombie jeaszus to save us all is more believable  PHHHHTTTT. “

now, this was wrong. But I am so tired of one belief being ‘better’ even in my own household.

Heck, I even believe in made-up ancient gods and wear a Thor’s Hammer around my neck. But I do not take myself so seriously that I would make light of someone’s spirituality.

Except I did. Ooops. I hope it was taken in the spirit of ‘live and let live, yo!’. I hope that the lesson that was learned.


4 thoughts on “What’s more real, the tooth fairy or any of our other constructs? (one of my Will Offend Everyone posts)

  1. So why is it wrong to question beliefs? I was with you up until you started to say people may get offended. So what? We can’t tell the emperor he is naked because it might offend him?

    • It is not wrong to question beliefs. It is not wrong to call the emperor out. I think you hit it on the head.
      Except I want my girls to have a fantasy life.
      Heart little girls.

  2. A member of my family constantly makes fun of anything astrological and homeopathic (mumbo jumbo) yet often refers to what Jesus said or did. I find it amusing that some Christians won’t believe certain things because there is “no proof” and yet…..

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