Nevermind the Horse, my food comes from Kenya

I am expecting dog meat to be next. Or people food, made of people.

I am doing a thing where i eat many veggies. I saw on the packet of baby awesome veg the it was made in Kenya. This bothers me for reasons.

I am ignorant about Africa, and i am admitting it here. I am also living in a country where The Queen meets Mugabe. I still know enough to say that this is pretty much a bad idea.

How, just how, is my food coming from Africa? I am  happy to have shoes and oil and stuff come from kids, but food? Really? Call me crazy but last time I checked, there are kids going hungry up in your homeland, people. Dirty Diamonds? FINE. But Food? I DON NEED your baby broccoli.

This world is going to hell.




“like this if you think guns are awesome and you have no soul.”

America. Let’s have a little chat. Please feel free to have as many seats as you need. Guns are bad, they totally are and you know it.  I just got a facebook msg that says it all.

One of my fathers, stood in front of a Harley, with a few trucks behind, and BOTH a McDonald’s and a Walmart in the background. Saying, that, GUNS.  This really happened.

I am happy today to NOT hear gunshots. yeah, we might not have ‘protection from government’ or ‘the right to bear arms’ or the freedom to fire things into the air, but…but…

But I have the right to not be shot at. Loving the UK.



“but you said everyone gets raped mama?”

Oh. Did I try and tell my girls that things might happen and that they could tell me? Why is this our reality?

So when I tied to tell them AGAIN that sometimes things just happen and we are all cool talking about it….I get EVERYONE GETS RAPED? um….i am pretty sure that is not at all how I starred this conversation.

Do you have this conversation with your boys too?

What can we do to keep this from becoming a conversation that we have to start at five or six?