“like this if you think guns are awesome and you have no soul.”

America. Let’s have a little chat. Please feel free to have as many seats as you need. Guns are bad, they totally are and you know it.  I just got a facebook msg that says it all.

One of my fathers, stood in front of a Harley, with a few trucks behind, and BOTH a McDonald’s and a Walmart in the background. Saying, that, GUNS.  This really happened.

I am happy today to NOT hear gunshots. yeah, we might not have ‘protection from government’ or ‘the right to bear arms’ or the freedom to fire things into the air, but…but…

But I have the right to not be shot at. Loving the UK.




2 thoughts on ““like this if you think guns are awesome and you have no soul.”

  1. Don’t blame you. Sometimes I can’t believe that I can no longer walk around here with the white, I -phone head phones in because people are literally being killed for their I-phones. My kids’ school, although not with armed personnel, has three people on the door and front desk, full-time, to make sure the “wrong” type of person doesn’t get any further into the building. Most schools now have lock-down drills as well as fire and tornado drills. And the list goes on….

    • i hear you, i do. I kinda miss that in a way. My local school is in a permanent state of lock down exercises. . Exeter is not a violent town. But they have stone walls and wire and a massively bitchy woman on staff at ‘reception’. She has a voice you only need to feel.
      However I maintain that my kids can go to the local shop with a reasonable expectation of coming home. Phones or no.

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