Customer Service. Worse in the UK or the US? You decide.

I cannot name the UK ‘business’ yet but I will name the US one.

I bet you want to hear about the UK one because we are used to awesome service in the US.  

These fools…\……../   so many seats. They have not only failed to fix any of my past cars, but they are breaking my current car. I take my car to them to fix and they break it. How is this possible? I told my mother about the lack of any clue these boys had and she was appalled.  “do you need me to send some ol’ boys over there to show ’em?” 

Yes, please. These idiots cannot work my car alarm and they need help. This is all true. If you cant work the alarm, i do not want you touching my car, fools. Watch this space for me to slam them. 

I Can name the failure of customer service in the US that I got today. CHASE JP Morgan…you fail at everything. I cannot think of a name bad enough to call you.

I spent 18 minutes at international rates trying to tell Jose that I PROMISE that you need to pass me to someone in Business or International. 18 minutes of this fool….

Then I hung up on you, ’cause you knew i would rate you badly, then called back and said *pleaded* for someone to transfer be to business banking. Then I got someone. I thought she had a single clue. I really did. Then after 22 international minuets, she gave me the number for ‘International Banking’


If anyone knows a good mechanic in the UK tell me. As long as it in in England or maybe even wales, or, fuck it Scotland…

If anyone knows anyone involved with Chase… just tell me. Or my mother. 


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