Eight more weeks of this torture? Are American or UK School Holidays Better?

I have been reading lots of lovely blogs about how happy the US moms are that it is finally summer and the kids are out. I am a little bit jealous. I have eight more weeks left in my sentence.

Every year, like the rest of the mums, I start out organized, ready and super excited for the new year. Supplies are stockpiled, uniforms are bought, homework areas are designated. All goes well for most of the year.

Then May hits, and my internal school clock begins to wind down. I feel like it should be the end of the year. Wrap things up, last tests, field trips, movie days. I begin to be DONE with school.

I’ve said before that (in my limited experience) the schools in the UK are better by far. I do like the longer year in theory, because we get the six-weeks on, one week off deal and LOTS of time for x-mas and Easter. But man, it is barely June and I am SO DONE with school.

I am tired of homework. I am tired of uniforms. I am tired of hair and nails and shoes and socks. I am tired of homework. I am tired of school bags, PE kits, special projects, school lunches and signing things. I am DONE with homework, and I am so very, very DONE with school.

By this time of the year, I am no longer able to care if they even have homework. How am I supposed to look for it, help them with it, keep track of it, and get it signed and sent in when I do not even look in their backpacks anymore?


I have been reduced to saying ” hey, does anyone have any homework” about twice a week. That is my level of commitment to my kids all-important education in June.

This morning The White Rose came downstairs in two very different socks. I rolled my eyes and told her that I know that there are many clean, matching pairs in her room. Ya know, the ones that are part of her required uniform. She shrugged, I shrugged, and out the door she went.

I have 2 field trips, one week long school activity, two sports days an an assembly/play to go to. I want to bang my head on the walls at the thought of this. In the beginning of the year I take pictures and attend everything with a tear in my eye. In the summer? I am just so over it all.

What? Oh your teacher wants yogurt pots and boxes brought in? OK, good luck finding it, bagging it up and remembering it because it is fucking June and I cannot anymore with this shit.

I have until July 26th. JULY. July TWENTY SIXTH OMG.

I will have to find some reserve energy from somewhere inside and carry on for the EIGHT WEEKS of this crap that I have left. I know that in September I will be fired up and eagerly awaiting the fun and learning we have in store. September will see me promise to be the perfect example of a helpful mother of two school age kids.

How do the British parents keep this up for 11 months of the year? How do you guys do this?? Tell me!! It is insane. Probably way better for the kids, but after 24+ years of my own US schooling, I am so not feeling the love.

Which way would you prefer? More breaks or a longer summer? Tell me if you have any tips or if you would be willing to help my darlings with homework for the rest of the year!


3 thoughts on “Eight more weeks of this torture? Are American or UK School Holidays Better?

  1. I have absolutely no suggestions for you but I loved your blog and it made me laugh. So there’s that.

  2. I love this. It’s exactly how I feel at the moment, I just can’t be fucking bothered with any of it. I know that in late August though, when it’s raining again and I’m yelling at them to tidy their room for the hundredth time, I’m going to be counting the days until they go back.

    • I know. It is like one of the seven circles of hell. Or the eighth. The school circle. It,Never,Ends.
      Thank you so much for making me feel less alone!

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