I have been talking to someone in Scotland and I am exhausted.

If your business phone call starts out with “Wow. I am an an American and you are WELL Scottish so lets both just talk R E A L slow…” you know that you are in trouble.

OO Uoo hoose OOO Noom’er?

HUH? nope. lets try for some consonants.

O O O Uooo Hoose a Coosmor Ommer?

Yes, i know, you Brits can probably translate that easily. I am a massive fan of Scotland and their rugby team, but MAN, talking to the Scots is hard work!

OH… a customer number…right. Ok, its (american number speak)

Joost, is it:  OOO? Oo, Oh, Uh, Oh OO?

Not at all. I will go real slow ok? (OOOKay) 8675309

So thats OOO, sex, OO feva threed OOO none?

Uh, i think so. And we were just getting started. After about an hour and a half on the phone we had become fast friends and managed to work everything out but now i need A NAP because i have talked to the Scots. No wonder the Romans just built a wall and gave up!


PS, if you are a girl or a fan of men in general, go up and click that link to Scottish rugby. Try not to drool.


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