I cannot believe that the Brits cannot Do Ice. New, updated Ice Issues; it’s poisonous.

I really need some Americans to chime in on this because I cannot, will not, do NOT get the Ice problem in the UK.

I have complained, at length, about the lack of the ice in the UK here. (worth a read, one of my better posts)

But now, i have discovered a new reason why there is such a lack of frozen water on this side of the pond.

Apparently it is poisonous.

If you make ice in Englandland, it suddenly turns into poison. And this is America’s fault.  (of course it is.)

OK, fine. But in America, we have a lot of ice. Every where you go, there will be ice. A lot of it. All frozen and full of goodness. Sometimes, people touch and interact with ice. I have never known a single person to DIE from ICE in America, where the ‘poisonous ice’ comes from.

I tried to buy a bag of ice from my local shop the other day. They were sold out. SOLD OUT OF ICE. Can you imagine? What this tells me is that the Brits do really, actually, love ice and want some, poisonous or not.

Listen to me. Ice is not dangerous. Ice is not expensive. Ice is not a problem. It is just frozen water and it is totally fine.

I guess I will just keep repeating this every summer until I die from lack of frozen, poisonous water.

Oh England. Stay classy y’all. I’ll hang in here wit’cha with my warm beverages.


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