This is super silly now England part II (with wasp bears)

You guys, I cannot any more with this horseshit. You need to cool yourself off for realz. I did not move to the UK to be hot. I came for the clouds and I want them back.

This is the drawing that I made when it was hot for THREE DAYS one time in the UK

I posted about it here. And that when it was only a few days. I have done weeks of your hot weather and I am DONE. I am fighting the air.

For those of you in the US, let me just tell you a couple of things.

THERE IS NO A/C here. There is no air conditioning. None. Nope. This is an old and backward country and there is no a/c anywhere. Unless you are in a Tesco, you are going to roast and there is no reprieve.

THERE IS NO ICE HERE. Even in a Tesco, you are not going to get ice.

THERE ARE NO WINDOW SCREENS. I’m usually upset with this, but it is so freakishly hot here now that I am all…meh. let them all in. Who cares.

The UK can not handle weather of any kind. I am OK with this because there is usually no weather here. But our roads are melting, our train tracks are buckling and there are fucking wild-fires and people are dying of heat and NO JUST NO.

It is like the sun never goes down. It starts at 3 AM and just keeps on giving until Ten PM. This is just stupid.

I have been so angry these last few weeks. I am melting and I am pissed off and I want to kill people and I have yelled at every member of my family because SO HOT.

I hear the south-west might get a break a minute this weekend then back up into the nighties (30C or what-fucking-ever) for the rest of the month.

I am done with this and you need to stop England. I even told Manboy that we need to move to Scotland or Finland or Iceland or something because I was not made to do sun and heat.

He has been mostly staying out of my damn way because I am just hot and angry like a  bear shitting wasps. Not a single stitch of house work gets done after 10 am because fuck all of the things it is hot.

I went to make Manboy a coffee before work, and grabbed the milk and it was SOLID. Everything that I own that is food has gone off. This can not continue.

Please England…can we have some rain? A cloud perhaps? Maybe can it stay normal and not freakishly weird for a minute?

I’ll just hang in here with the rest of you suffering Brits. Just do NOT ask me if I am ‘enjoying the nice weather’.


8 thoughts on “This is super silly now England part II (with wasp bears)

  1. Stupid Hot with No screens is what happened, Instead of ‘window glazers’ or ‘solar panels’ can i now have A/C installers? WHERE IS MOSES? I AM TOO HOT!

  2. It is finally cooling off here in Michigan. I am hoping the same will happen for you when the cool air jet stream passes by us tomorrow. Does England have a jet stream or is it like screens, ice and air conditioning?

    • ‘Does England have a Jet Stream’ will go down in history. as a comment. So the answer to that question is a ‘yes, and a resounding no’

      • Yes, the weather in the US passes reasonably from midwest to east, plus or minus a hurricane from the south. The UK weathermen stand in front of a map so swirled with arrows that you can’t make out the coasts. They just throw their hands up going, “And for tomorrow? Uh, partly sunny with some clouds? And some sun? Uh, we don’t actually know, sorry. Jim?”

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