Happy Anniversary to me! No, not today, I managed to get married on 9/11

This is only funny because of cultural differences.

After many years of desperately trying to emigrate (read flee) to the England, I finally after unspeakable hardship, managed to gain the right to marry Manboy. I was so thankful and happy.

The happiest moment in my entire life is the day that I landed in England and then it rained. I was, and continue to be, so grateful that I live here.

However, after passing all of the hurdles I needed to live here in the UK, I had to marry quickly after obtaining my visa. Manboy was in charge of getting us a date to marry. He chose the earliest available day. He phoned me and told me the joyous news. I have a date! It is eleven September! We are going to be married!

You can only begin to imagine the pause before I answered. September eleventh? 9/11? We are getting married on 9/11??!??!!

Oh. OH! oh dear. It is 11/9 here and I didn’t think.

I was all FINE and agreed, of course. It was not possible to give him a massive side-eye over the phone.

Welp, it is not likely that We will ever forget our anniversary. Or if Manboy does, uh, that might not go well.

I know some of my readers were there for our understated ceremony.

Gonna be a blast this year…NO Not a Blast. Ok…going to celebrate my anniversary this year, the same as I do every year.

Love ya Manboy. Thank all of the Gods that I live in England.


12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me! No, not today, I managed to get married on 9/11

  1. ” Thank all of the Gods that I live in England.” I’ve lived in the U.K. all my life and am rather fond of it,but I don’t see the attraction for an american living here permanently(apart from manboy).

    • I get that a lot, actually. Let me put it this way, if you had to choose between Detroit, MI, USA and the UK, what would you choose?
      I also, repeatedly, have to remind the UK how awesome your weather is. Best weather in the world. Don’t worry, I am getting better at complaining about it casually!

  2. Happy Anniversary (tomorrow)!

    And James, I get that from English people about every other day. “WHY would you WANT to live HERE?” Er, without the Manboy part.

    • Hey Elizabeth! How’s it goin’? I love it here! I can get ICE now apparently. It has finally cooled down. The kids are back in school. Manboy fed me ‘Lamb neck steaks’ last night. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or not. Lets just say that I will not be ordering any kind of necks to eat in future.

      • I brought home ICE CUBE TRAYS. Win!
        I have gotten SO GOOD at talking weather. You would be so proud of me!
        AND! I came back from summer holidays and more of the people are talking TO ME. What the what?!
        Neck, huh? Caveman love?

      • Apparently I cannot reply to a reply. I’ll just put this here, then.
        Awesome on the ice cube trays! Is your freezer big enough to make ice?
        See? Weather works! And there is weather every day! Endless topic for discussion! I have no idea why anyone would eat Lamb Neck Steak. It was…interesting.

      • Hi!
        Yes, there is nothing in my freezer except ice trays because it looks like it is growing frozen beard everywhere? And I don’t know quite what that means? But I am afraid to put things in there other than ice cube trays and vodka.
        Oh, it SQUALLED today. I almost cackled with untapped conversation POTENTIAL.

      • OMFG you have one of those freezers that frosts up. I AM SO SORRY. I may have to do another blog post about the appliances here.
        I know, right? WEATHER, it happens. every day!

  3. With the exception of Americans, I think natives all over the world are aghast at the idea that anyone would want to move to their country – something about the lure of the exotic maybe? I’ve had Canadians, Aussies, Swedes and even an unusually self deprecating Frenchman be stunned and appalled that I moved to their country.

    Happy anniversary! I bet probably something awful happened on everyone’s anniversary, yours just happens to be slightly more high profile!

  4. Yeah, that sounds about right! That is a lot of countries to move to! I might have to agree with the Aussies though. While I would love to live permanently surrounded by Aussies themselves, I don’t really want to live anywhere where someone says ‘Thats nat a spida! THIS is a Spida! Throw it on the barbie mate next the croc!’
    Nope. Thought they DO make the best Masterchef!

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