I’ve lived a full life, here is why I get to claim this.

I got questioned about my life by a friend recently. On reflection, I have lived an awesome life so far. I should brag about it more.

I could AMA on Reddit any day for so many topics. I see no reason why I shouldn’t brag about it on my own little blog. Finding out where to start is the hard bit.

Shall I start with seeing that concert at The Shelter when that huge crucifix fell on me? Or maybe tell you about the several rewarding careers that I had? Or maybe tell you about the years that I spent on tour with The Dead?

Maybe I should share that bit where I survived domestic abuse for years and lived to fight another day? Or the one where I worked in a medical factory and staged a massive protest about how we were killing people with our ‘processes’, or maybe the story about how I sheltered a mental patient in my house and he stole a bird, and then returned it?

Oh, i know, how about that time that I drove a school bus through the mountains? Or possibly, the time that I won a state championship for poetry reading? Oh, or when I got to the finals in ‘Karaoke for Vets’ and then went on to host the rest of the league?

I have seen over 500 concerts, and that is no kind of lie. (for those of you in Detroit, it will ALWAYS be Pine Knob) I have moved many times, seen almost every state (sorry Texas) and met all kinds of people. I have climbed Franklin’s Tower and  looked down on the sea from many shores.

Most of that happened before I moved to a whole new country. Some of the awesome bits I am leaving out, and some of the horrible ones too. I continue to have new experiences and stories every day.

I have had a massively interesting life. Not necessarily a good one, or an easy one. but these are only some of my stories.