I’ve lived a full life, here is why I get to claim this.

I got questioned about my life by a friend recently. On reflection, I have lived an awesome life so far. I should brag about it more.

I could AMA on Reddit any day for so many topics. I see no reason why I shouldn’t brag about it on my own little blog. Finding out where to start is the hard bit.

Shall I start with seeing that concert at The Shelter when that huge crucifix fell on me? Or maybe tell you about the several rewarding careers that I had? Or maybe tell you about the years that I spent on tour with The Dead?

Maybe I should share that bit where I survived domestic abuse for years and lived to fight another day? Or the one where I worked in a medical factory and staged a massive protest about how we were killing people with our ‘processes’, or maybe the story about how I sheltered a mental patient in my house and he stole a bird, and then returned it?

Oh, i know, how about that time that I drove a school bus through the mountains? Or possibly, the time that I won a state championship for poetry reading? Oh, or when I got to the finals in ‘Karaoke for Vets’ and then went on to host the rest of the league?

I have seen over 500 concerts, and that is no kind of lie. (for those of you in Detroit, it will ALWAYS be Pine Knob) I have moved many times, seen almost every state (sorry Texas) and met all kinds of people. I have climbed Franklin’s Tower and  looked down on the sea from many shores.

Most of that happened before I moved to a whole new country. Some of the awesome bits I am leaving out, and some of the horrible ones too. I continue to have new experiences and stories every day.

I have had a massively interesting life. Not necessarily a good one, or an easy one. but these are only some of my stories.


6 thoughts on “I’ve lived a full life, here is why I get to claim this.

  1. You are not bragging. You are reflecting and this is good. It is healthily good to remember the experiences that shape you into who you are now and how strong you have been in getting here. I reflect sometimes as it reminds me that despite being a numpty muppet, I am not as boring as I think I am. I love your posts xxxx

    • Yea! Thanks! i felt odd for days for posting this. But an interesting life is a good one, eh? I bet you could blog a similar post!

    • I feel like it, lol! But after turning 40 this year, I feel like I can now say ‘yep…this is me..’ Believe it or not, it was one of your posts that inspired me to write this!

  2. How could I forget the mental escaped patient in your closet who stole a bird? I am your mother and Baby, I too have had an interesting life.

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