Hello! I am an American Expat. I moved from Detroit to the UK in 2009. I am a mum to two primary school girls; Little Stormbringer, and The White Rose. I married British born Manboy and (mostly) love my new life abroad. Moving to another country is difficult, mothering is difficult, so pull up a seat, grab a drink and enjoy my suffering!

I write this blog to mainly provide people with something to laugh at. Namely me. I try to draw a picture with each post. MS paint is not always my friend.

I want to be a source of comfort and truthfulness in a world where mothers sometimes seem to want to compete and argue. I hate that. My banner would say “Tell The Truth About Being a Parent!” The good, the bad, the sticky and most importantly, The Funny.

I absolutely love living in the UK. I will always be an American. Basically I am Mid-Atlantic. You will often find rants about both countries here.

If I have made you laugh or smile, or feel better about something…then I have done what I set out to do. You can contact me at starcasterlady@gmail.com

Now get another drink and read some more!


One thought on “About

  1. I am British but living in Texas, I just read a few posts since my son is sleeping (yay!) Your blog is hillarious. I have your laundry experience in reverse – I can’t believe how quick and massive the appliances are, and I only feel a very small pang of guilt at the tiny amount the planet dies every time I use the dryer…

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