Jubilee with Squee! (I never)

Well, it’s the last day of the Diamond Jubilee and I am glad because I do not think I can handle any more British goodness. Last night was amazing. I have no words. THAT concert? So incredible. I think even the land snail was moved to tears. Tears that had nothing to do with the wee dram of Jubilee beer that he had.

And it was the best day that the kids have had so far as well. They were freeking thefuckout during the concert. Will.i.am, i think you must have been adopted by some freekish Brit parents because i have no idea where the fuck you came from all of a sudden no clue how you got so lucky. I wet myself during the Tom Jones bit. Robbie must have been kept in a cage like a bated bear to be able to pull that shit off. I…I…did you see some of that fantastic-ness guys? Can you hulla-hoop for 4 minutes while singing when you are near a gotdamb pensioner? Dame Elton? You dressed down for the occasion but you made me cry. Sir Paul? I do not even have words for the holy-deliciuosness that you made happen.

I have seen some things, I have seen some concerts. Some of them on 20 hits of acid, but I HAVE NEVER experienced anything like THAT.

When HRH The Queen walked out wearing a black over-coat we GOT FUCKING RELIGION REAL QUICK. Please join us all, and pray to whatever gods that you can think of, for the speedy recovery of The Duke of Edinburgh. 

What really touches me about all this, as an American, is how patriotic everyone is. It’s like everyone has been holding their breath since WW2 and suddenly gave a collective UNION FLAG EXHALE WITH ADDED SQUEE! It is simply amazing. America has three days every year when we do this all together, but it just is not done here. For four days, everyone gets to be PROUD and WAVE FLAGS and….it’s like…Memorial Day mixed with the fourth of july with added x-mas, new years eve, and 9/11. I wish  that I had the words to explain it properly.

I hope we get to do it again in ten more years.