The Cast

Ladies and Gentleman Please:                   May I Have The Attention Of The Class:

Introducing: The Cast

Starle: The heart of The Company

I’m silly, snarky, irresponsible and slightly insane. I’m writing this blog because I want to. I need to. When I am not looking at cats on the internet, I am looking after small sticky things, small fuzzy things, a man-husband, the house, the rest of the menagerie, and almost never myself. I drink too much, I smoke too much, I swear too much. I like shiny things and hate wearing real clothes. I speak mid-Atlantic English. That means that  folks in the U.S of A. can not understand me, but neither can the Brits. Oddly, I am almost always happy.

Manboy: The Lieutenant 

I married Manboy in 2009. British by happy accident birth, he moved us to the UK to be with him. He seems taciturn and dour, nocturnal and unemotional. In reality he is the softest Boo on the planet. He smokes too much, and drinks too much, feeds me too much, and swears most adorably.  Manboy is an avid LARP’er and can often be found in the woods with a foam sword, armour and a cloak. He dotes on all of us, and puts up with our collective insanity. I love him!

Little Stormbringer: uh…Bringer of Storms

My Oldest child, my firstborn. She is one of those kids often described as ‘spirited’, or an ‘Indigo child’ . In reality, she is just so awesome that you are either gushing on her or hating her. She is the sweetest most adorable little asshole on the planet. Just like a storm, you are either indulging in it’s astonishing  magnificence or cowering in the basement from it’s beautiful wrath. Either way, you will be overawed. She is funny, sporty, happy and loving. She has a wicked sense of humour. Lightning and rainbows.

The White Rose: “I poop unicorns mama!”

This kid…she is everything anyone would want to be. Kind, funny, charming, pretty. She loves and gets on with everyone. Easily forgives. Manipulates everyone and all of the time. Bends the world to her sugar-dripping sweetness. Just don’t piss her off. Lives and loves with the rest of the cast. Only complains when she doesn’t get her own way. The light of my life. I’m not at all in her thrall. She has netted none of us in her spell-web.

Supporting players; The Menagerie

Of course we have cats! Sharp Kitty, Boy Kitty and Morgana. Sharp kitty is special, and very sharp. Boy kitty only likes small-humans and loves Little Stormbringer near to death. Morgana is Manboy’s cat. She is old, awesome, and smarter than me.

Giant African Land Snail!!! His name is Sir Humphrey. The perfect pet. Adorable and sweet, but capable of being ignored for weeks on end. Sir Humphrey is sociable and loves to come out to play. He will eat almost anything according to the books, but pouts if he doesnt have a cucumber.  Buy one today!

We have other pets, fish, bugs we hide from Manboy catch and keep. This is just  what we have at the moment. I am sure that i am responsible enough to add a bunny and a guinea pig soon! (hahahah…no)


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